5 Petals of force and elegance

The Wild Rose expresses your sensibility

The rose is beauty. The rose is elegance. It is the most noble of flowers. Flower of queens and goddesses, the wild rose is also a robust bush that has thorns, but puts beauty everywhere. A flower that takes its stand.

Myth & Reality

A tale by romantic poet Ludwig Tieck says that Amor, son of Venus, was looking for the nicest flower to offer to his mother for her feast. Only the rose he considered beautiful enough, and he picked it. But a thorn would bless him, and his blood colored the rose red. Seeing her son come back crying to her with the rose, she adopted the rose as her flower.

In another tale by Tieck, an Elf offers a rose to a human. She gives it 3 kisses so it would not fade until winter, making it almost as long-lasting as a Wild Rose Quintessenz B

I accept the great adventure of being me

Simone de Beauvoir

Botanical jewelry

The choice of a Wild Rose

There is this wild character, slim yet strong with its thorns. Be sure of your strength, know how to show your beauty and your spirit. A flower that shows your elegance and your sensibility, that elegance that is also from the heart.

The name of the rose

We met a great rose when leaving the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace (Air and Space Museum) in Le Bourget (France). It reminded us of the story Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who had left a rose on his far-off planet. This rose was connected to Consuelo, his wife and muse. So we would call a rose Consuelo and decided that all our flowers shall bear the names of passionate women who achieved, and are often not as well-know as they should, as we always think of these persons when we create.

5 as may, our first rose

A delicate wild rose with a certain finesse. A beauty we found in our neighbourhood, touring one of the numerous parks of Karlsruhe and that make this city a great place to live. It would become our first wild rose jewel, when we learned how to create a rose

The Little Prince’s Rose

This is the rose we picked when leaving the Musée de l’Air in Le Bourget. Smaller and lighter. Delicate colour graduations from  the stamina to the petals. Small yet strong, like Consuelo. Perfect as brooch or bolo-tie, red, mauve or ivory. As elegant in your meeting as intriguing by night!

Places of our finds:

Nottingham Square in Karlsruhe, Germany
Le Bourget, Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace

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