A flower brooch, handmade for you 

Imagine a flower you can wear every day. With all the sophistication of a real flower. Flowers by Quintessenz B combine the beauty and sophistication of real flowers with the durability of hammered copper, and the gloss and color of fire enamel.

By studying the flowers from the field to the library, then hammering and enameling to make the flower timeless

Flowers, when plants dress up

Flowers are when plants dress up. Flowers are beauty. A sophisticated beauty all made of roundness and nuances.

Véro in the garden of the city of Karlsruhe smelling the roses, first phase, soaking up the flower

Inspired by Nature

The creation of a flower jewel by Quintessenz B starts in the field. Where the flower grows. Sit down. Get to know her. Feel her growing. Feel the beauty.

Flowers jewels right from the garden

Flowers have complex shapes. Shapes created by nature. Copper shapes into floral forms so easily, you could say it wants to prove the these shapes are natural.

Measuring flowers to better reproduce them, at the botanical garden
Application of high fire enamels

Exceptional colors

Floral colors are far from being as flat as simple paint. Several dies and the microstructure of petals concur to develop the beautiful colors of a flower. rendering all the sophistication of these colors is an art.

Flowering fire, firing flowers

Fire enamel is an age-old technique. It’s an alchemy of color made of opaque, transparent, and opalescent enamels. Whites yellows reds blues greens. Browns, beiges, mauves. It’s a well-balanced combination of several enamels that gives the best pieces by Quintessenz B that natural look.

Enameling in the oven of our workshop quintessenzb
Flower jewel Quintessenz B the artisanal jewel of the unique pieces because hammered all in the hand and enamelled one by one. Flowers become timeless

A timeless flower for eternity

Every model is developed from a flower or a leaf studied and collected (if possible/authorized) in the place where it has grown. Every jewel is hand-cut and hand-shaped. This allows every single piece to be true to the original flower, yet unique.


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