I saw a nice jewel, it is not on the website any more, what can I do?

 Send us a message stating the model and color you are looking for. There is a good chance we have another similar piece. Usually we make small runs of a color, and we have never all available colors shown online. It may take a few days if the enameled part is in stock but the flower not assembled. But in this case you can influence the color combination (ex. which color of petals and stamina to put on a rose with the color of petals you looked for).

What is the delivery time for custom orders?

It takes 4-6 weeks to make custom parts.

How do I proceed for returns and exchange?

You may return parts within 14 days of actual delivery. Part must be returned non-used, in their original package, part No sticker on the back not removed, with their Certificate of Authenticity. Please state the reason for return on the packing list. The return postage is at your expense. We will refund within 14 days of effective receipt of return parts.

If anything does not fit well, such as color or bolo length, we will be happy to help. Please contact us and describe what needs to be changed, we’ll find a solution with you.

How does the bolotie work?

On our jewels, the bolo cord can be put from behind. Jewels come with a pictured notice explaining how to proceed. Once the cord is ut you can adjust the jewel to desired height.

How do I choose a bolo cord?

This is a matter of your size, and how far you want to slide the bolo down. 90 cm fits most people but for tall people or if you want to slide the bolo down 1 m will be better.

What is a piece unique?

Every single piece of Quintessenz B jewelry is different. It will derive of an initial model, but the fully manual fabrication process makes every single piece different from every other. Nobody will ever have the very same flower you have.

Can I find your jewels in a store?

For the time being we have no local partners. Also, online sales allow you to access all parts while local dealser will be limited to a fraction of the range of shapes and colors available. Don’t hesitate to ask for any color you’d like – maybe we have it. We can never show everything in the same time. Ask!

Why do you ask for choice of language for Contact & Newsletter?

All our communication runs in French, German, and English so please choose which is your preferred language.

How to take care of enamel jewelry?

Clean enamel jewelry with a soft cloth. Avoid touching the filigrane parts such as stamina. For greasy stains you may use a little alcool.

Take off you jewelry before you go to sleep. Falling on the ground may cause breakage or cracks, Make sure you handle the jewelry above a table, or canape, so it will not fall to the ground in case. Do not wear it in humid places and even less, to the beach.

When traveling, make sure your jewelry is in a dry place. Best is to transport it in the case supplied with it.

Is it possible to repair Quintessenz B jewelry?

Sometimes, it is possible to replace a broken part. If this is not possible, we can often replace the broken part by a similar new part. Both of course as far as the enamel initially used is still available.

Are there any risks of allergies with enameled jewelry?

The main parts of our jewelry consist of copper and fire enamel. Copper is a regular micronutrient that we absorb every day. There are only extremely rare cases of copper allergies. Fire enamel is similar to Bohemian crystal. Exactly as the latter fire enamel is safe in contact with skin.

All metal parts are nickel-free or stainless steel (stainless steel contains nickel but does not liberate any nickel, and is perfectly safe for persons with nickel allergy. Largely veryfied by Reinhard who is allergic to nickel!). Plastic parts such as our bolo locks are made from a material designed for making glasses frames. This material is hypoalllergic and perfecly safe for permanent skin contact.

How can my jewel give me peace and force?

Take the habit to caress the smooth surfaces of your jewel when you take it off, and think about all the good feelings of the day. 

Ginkgo leaf pendants are perfect stress absorbers. Touch your ginkgo leaf, feel the perfect smothness and organic shape ot the leaf. Relax. Remember, Ginkgo is protective, and one of the oldest species around!

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