The bolotie

Men wear ties in many occasions, for business, galas and weddings. Why not you? Yes a tie made for you, showing your sensitivity and beauty. A tie made for women, a floral jewel crafted to perfection.

 The bolotie is a classic of the Southwest. Made from Silver and turquoise, or country style. You may have seen quit a couple of them in movies or worn by singers: John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or else Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Bruno Mars or Bruce Springsteen. Traditionnally, the bolotie is the perfect accessory if you want a western look and dont want to wear a cowboy hat.

 In our hyper-mobile times, so often you are there in front of your suitcase wondering what to pack. Take the bolotie, as it is adjustable, you can switch mode during the day. Be formal for your business meeting, slide dowm to meet friends after work.It goes from strict to cool to sensual in a glimpse. With a blazer or leather jacket, and jeans, you’ll be great in all cirumstances, from your business to the bowling, with a stop at the bookstore. Take it with several cords for more fun, they are easy to change.

 Be careful, many men like flowers, too and may borrow your bolotie. With a white shirt, it’s perfect!

We often ask ourselves the question in front of our suitcase, what to take on a trip. Take the Bolo-tie, it slides on its rope. So it can be worn tight, formal, but you just need to pull it down and open a button or two to change the mode, in just a minute you will transform your outfit. Perfect with a blazer, leather jacket or jeans, it takes you effortlessly from the office to bowling to the library. It’s the perfect piece of jewelry that will follow you all day long, from pro to chic, from cool to sensual. The strings are easily interchangeable, so your string can match your outfit. Be careful, men like flowers, they could borrow it from you. With a white shirt it’s irresistible!

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