You are elegant and confident.

The Quintessenz B wild rose is the flower for you.
The rose is beautiful. The rose is elegant. It is the noblest of flowers. Flower of queens and goddesses, the wild rose is also a shrub that grows everywhere, a robust plant provided with spines but which puts beauty everywhere. A flower that does not give way.

Myths & amp; Realities

Romantic poet Ludwig Tieck says that Amor, the son of Venus, was looking for the most beautiful and perfect flower for his mother’s day. Only the rose seemed beautiful enough to him and he picked it. A thorn wounded him and his blood colored the rose red. Seeing her son coming back with the rose crying, Venus adopted the rose which had become red like its flower.
In another story by Tieck, an Elf gives a beautiful rose to a human friend. She gives the rose 3 kisses so that it does not wilt. So this rose lasted almost as long as a Quintessenz B wild rose.

I accept the great adventure of being me

Simone de Beauvoir

Choice of rose

This wild side, frail but strong because of its stings. Be sure of your power, of knowing how to assert yourself both in beauty and in spirit. A flower to indicate its elegance, but also its sensitivity. Elegance is also that of his heart.

In the name of the Rose

When we left the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget, our gaze fell on a rose. This is how we called this rose Consuelo, after the muse and wife of Saint-Exupéry. Thus, all roses have first names of muse or simply you, a woman passionate about flowers and nature.

Rose of Nottingham Square Karlsruhe

A delicate rose, all in finesse, with different finishes for all tastes.
Find the Emma and Anna brooches, the Mary Lou and Amelia boloties.

Bourget Rose

The little wild rose, refined and original. Gradients of colors from stamens to petals. All that’s missing is your scent. Jeanne and Maryse boloties, and Claudine, Sabine and Consuelo brooches

Places of our finds:
 Square Nottingham à Karlsruhe
Le Bourget – Musée de l’air et de l’espace

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