Quintessenz B and sustainability

To WhiteBlackFungus, protecting the environment and the climate is a priority. This has become an integral part of the life of Véronique and Reinhard:

– no use of vegetal material for the production. They can create a new model only from photographs, without picking a single flower

– they don’t have a car and mainly travel by train

– they will rather pick up merchandise by bicycle than have it delivered

– packaging materials and metals are recycled

– all production, in particular enameling, is done with sustainable electricity from hydroelectric production

– LED lighting of workshop and offices

– entirely german-made cases

Making botanical jewelry a sustainable process

Creating botanical jewelry must start from the plant. Take pictures of the flower/leaf all around. Eventually, pick, press and scan (if not protected and abundant). Certain flowers will shrink strongly when pressed, they will be worked only from photographs. This was the case, for instance, of the “Susans” (Thunbergia alata). The same procedure allows of course to reproduce protected species without picking a single flower.

Any Quintessenz B jewel is always based on one single flower or leaf. There is no consumption of vegetal material for making the jewelry as it is needed for electroforming, or resin impregnated flowers.

All elements necessary for making a jewel, tools and spare parts, are defined in a 3D CAD system to make sure everything fits perfectly. Copper parts are hand-cut using a printed guide. Certain special shapes are made using dedicated tooling, for instance the “Black Hole” of the “Susans”: the hole is not just circular, it needs a tool with a shape made from an actual flower to look true. Finishing of the flower shapes is always done by hand in traditional manner.

All Quintessenz B jewels are enameled on both sides, using a dedicated application method. WhiteBlackFungus uses only the best enamels. They are thoroughly evaluated and applied under strict process control.

Every new model created is tested. Anything that is not perfect will be modified to make sure the customer receives a jewel that is perfectly reliable, durable, and easy to wear.

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