The brand

Let the flower in !

For Quintessenz B, creating flower jewelry is not just a matter of imagination. Their aim is to help women restore their connection to nature, find energy and self-confidence, and show their singularity. The quest of the original beauty we left so far behind.

Quintessenz B is the adventure of a couple of artists who share the same vision. They work on our relationship to nature, through a life of travel, to gardens as much as wastelands, and a knack for abandoned places reclaimed by nature.

Would you ask them what is their job? They could say, we’re designing flower jewelry. But they will rather tell you that their goal is to bring you beauty and happiness. For Quintessenz B the creation of a new jewel is like a flower or a woman, it needs time, thought, energy, love to grow. Especially love. And, once it is created, they test it thoroughly to make sure it is perfect in use and durability

The concept 

The enameled flower jewelry is the result of a long journey. It starts with the flower, in the place where it grows. Learn everything about it, botanically as well as its cultural and spiritual significations. Then copper is hand-cut and hammered, and leaves or petals, even filigrane stamina, are covered with fine layers of fire enamel, this ages-old material created by alchemists that bears incredible colors.

Every Quintessenz B flower has a history and a meaning. It will make you go back in time, to memories of walks with the family through fields and gardens, people you loved, places you lived in. There is no better thing to get back on track.

Each creation of Quintessenz B is like a flower or a woman, it takes time, thought, energy, love for it to blossom. Mostly love.


Un bijou contemporain

Une broche ou un bolo-tie que vous retrouverez lors de salons internationaux, musées, galeries ou revues professionnelles.




Retour sur image avec le SPEF, au salon du Patrimoine Culturel au Carrousel du Louvre à Paris ou à Madrid, exposition au Musée des Arts Décoratifs,

Impertinente 2022

Quintessenz B à Paris au salon des métiers d'art DE Main de Maître du 3 au 6 septembre 2021

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