Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans

A jewel that can not not be seen. A flower that attracts and intrigues.

Its large black eye surrounded by vividly colored petals appears as a black hole. It attracts the eye just as, in its country of origin, it attracts its pollinating insect.

Myth and Realities

The first encounter with the Black-Eyed Susan was in the streets of Amsterdam. Then, 9 mont later, in Paris in the Serres d’Auteuil were there is a nice Thunbergia alata plant with white rounded flowers, which is rather uncommon. This would become the model for Quintessenz B Black Eyed Susan jewelry, first the “Susan of Paris, followed by the Susan of Amsterdam with two-tipped petals. The Black-Eyed Susan is the protagonist of an english folk song by John Gay in the 18th century. A play by Douglas William Jerrold in 1913 that would become a movie made the legend of the Black-Eyed Susan popular. It’s the story of a saylor’s wife going on board before the ship will leave. In other versions of the tale, she is the lover of a man banned to Australia. For the black hole to be really black – as Black as the gaze of the Black-Eyed Susan should be – it needs a special optical film with the deepest black available. Several other flowers are called Black-Eyed Susan thusBlack Eyed Susan jewelry can be authentic yet have a different look. Romantic and intense, the Black-Eyed Susan jewel is the flower of passion and depth. Do you ever know all that’s at the bottom of a Black Hole?

Is it one living being,
Which has separated chose To be recognized as oin itself?
Or are these two, whone?

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ginkgo biloba, 2nd strophe)

The choice of the Wild Rose

There is this wild character, slim yet strong with its thorns. Be sure of your strength, know how to show your beauty and your spirit. A flower that shows your elegance and your sensitivity, that elegance that is also from the heart.

The name of the rose

When we left the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget, our gaze fell on a rose. This is how we called this rose Consuelo, after the muse and wife of Saint-Exupéry. Thus, all roses have first names of muse or simply you, a woman passionate about flowers and nature.

The rose of Nottingham square in Karlsruhe

A delicate rose, all in finesse, with different finishes for all tastes. Find the Emma and Anna brooches, the Mary Lou and Amelia boloties.

The rose from Le Bourget

The little wild rose, refined and original. Gradients of colors from stamens to petals. All that’s missing is your scent. Jeanne and Maryse boloties, and Claudine, Sabine and Consuelo brooches

locations :

 Nottingham Square in Karlsruhe, Germany
Le Bourget, Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace

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